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Innokin Z PLEX3D Coils

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Vaping revolution with the Innokin Zenith PLEX3D Coils – a total game-changer! Key Features:
  • Plex3D Technology: These coils bring a whole new level of cool with Innokin's Plex3D technology. They use a special mesh coil structure that gives you more flavor and bigger clouds. It's like upgrading to the VIP section of vaping!
  • Optimal Performance: Picture this – a 0.48-ohm resistance and the sweet spot of 13-16W. These coils are like the rockstars of vaping, finely tuned for peak performance. The Plexus Technology not only makes your vaping experience awesome but also makes sure these coils last longer, giving you the satisfaction that goes on and on.
  • Mesh Design: Ever seen a coil with a cool mesh design? Well, Innokin coils nail it with its unique mesh creation. It's not just about looking cool; this design boosts the coils' performance and makes them last longer. That means you're getting more bang for your buck – a win-win for vapers!
  • Package Inclusions: You won't be left hanging – each pack of Innokin Zenith PLEX3D Coils comes with 5 replacement coils. That's like having a stash of goodies, ensuring your vaping pleasure goes uninterrupted.
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