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FreeMax FireLuke Mesh Coils

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Introducing FreeMax FireLuke Mesh Coils – the game-changer in vaping innovation! Elevate your vaping experience with these revolutionary coils featuring mesh technology for longer life and unbeatable flavor. Key Features:
  • Mesh Technology: Imagine saying bye-bye to regular coils. These FreeMax coils have a mesh design that heats up super well, making your coil last longer and your vape taste amazing!
  • Longevity and Flavor-Focused: The mesh structure helps your coil live its best life, and it makes your vape flavors extra awesome. It's like having a flavor party with every puff!
  • Atomizer Resistance Options: You can pick how you want your vape to feel! FreeMax has different options, so whether you like smooth puffs or big clouds, they've got a FireLuke Mesh Coil for you.
  • Tea Fiber Cotton - TX & TNX Mesh Coil Series: These coils have a special material called Tea Fiber Cotton. It's like a fancy upgrade that makes your vape even smoother and tastier. You'll love it!
  • Compatibility with FreeMax Devices: These coils are best buddies with FreeMax devices like the Twister 80W Kit and others. But be careful, they won't fit some other tanks, so check first!
  • Replacement Coil Options: When your coil needs a buddy, FreeMax has lots of options. Each one is made super carefully to make your vape awesome. No matter which FreeMax device you have, they've got the perfect coil for it.
  • Package Inclusion: Each pack of FreeMax FireLuke Mesh Coils has not one, not two, but three coils inside! It's like getting a little treasure chest for your vaping fun.
Grab your FreeMax FireLuke Mesh Coils and take your vaping to the next level! You can find them at the EVPE Crystal Clear Vape Store.